Montreal, Quebec – The daytime view from Mont Royal

After a breakfast/lunch/brunch at Eggspectation in Old Montreal, we hopped in the car, left the cobblestone roadways of Old Montreal behind, and drove to the parking lot atop Mont Royal. The walk from the parking lot to the viewing area required lots of attention and an adaptation of the ‘duck walk’.  A combination of warm temperatures and rain and then freezing temperatures had turned the pathway into a good imitation of a sloped skating rink. I must be getting older. I’m beginning to notice such things. The young joggers pranced by seemingly impervious to the cold breeze and the slippery conditions underfoot. Then, there were the x/c skiiers with their skiis making that grating sound as they made their way along the icy trails bereft of any new snowfall to provide any grip.

During the day, the cross atop Mont Royal awaits the flip of the switch to light it up for the evening display.

As night approached, we headed off the mountain, prepared for a bit of supper and planned for some night photography in the streets of Old Montreal.

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