Tradewinds Park, Coconut Springs, Florida

The Butterfly World Complex is situated in Tradewinds Park in Coconut Springs, Florida so after the facility closed for the evening I had time to walk around the park with my camera while waiting for John to return from his cycling trip. The park is surprisingly large and being used for a variety of sports and recreation activities.

Bailey and KC were two golden retrievers out in the park having a good time chasing balls until one found a nice place to get rather dirty.

The park is situated along the side of a retention pond and offers a long stretch set up for frisbee golf. The idea of frisbee golf is to throw a frisbee toward a specially designed elevated basket which serves as the “hole” following a golf analogy.

As it was beginning to get dark while I was out in the park, the danger from flying frisbees was real but the fellows who were playing the course at the time managed not to hit me with their flying disks.

The surprise for me was finding a Limpkin while walking along the shores of the retention pond. The Limpet is a snail eating bird so I was both fortunate and happy to photograph it along the shoreline just after it had found itself a snail. Light was getting pretty dim so I I was lucky to get the shots that I did get.




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