Cycling in Florida – Travel Day

Today was basically a traveling day as we moved over onto 1A and traveled toward Cape Canaveral.

We stopped at the library in Ft. Pierce to get a bit of Internet time and when we came out and looked off to the south, there was a pretty good fire burning in the distance.

An individual whom I met by the water had mentioned that he had seen a Manatee a bit earlier but all that I saw in this location were a few pelicans and gulls.

We continued north to our campsite for the evening at the County of Brevard’s Long Point Recreation Center. The available camping site served the purpose but would not be a place that I would chose to go back to if there were better options. We had originally hoped to get a spot at Sebastian Inlet State Park but they were full by the time that we arrived there.

Once we had the tents set up, John took his bike and went off for a ride back along the highway and I took my camera and hiked around on an adjacent island which was connected to the camping area by a high arched wooden bridge used for access and for fishing.

Mangroves along the shoreline made it a bit difficult to follow the shoreline but a number of well-worn pathways traversed the inner areas of the island.

I enjoyed photographing a Tri-colored Heron that kept moving into and out of the shadows cast by the setting sun.

A number of Egrets and Brown Pelicans flew by and three Osprey circled overhead and occasionally dove into the water in pursuit of a meal.

Photographing the small warblers that flitted from branch to branch in the denser areas of vegetation were difficult to photograph but one warbler did land on a bare branch.

After I left the island, I found another trail to follow and came across a Kingfisher and another Osprey and then finished off the evening getting back to the campground as night fell around us.

Saturday will likely be the Merritt Island/Cape Canaveral area.




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