Cape Canaveral, Florida

We stayed overnight at the Jetty Park Campgrounds. Nice locations for tents but their policy of charging $10 for each additional tent made the location rather pricey considering that we were traveling with one small tent each. One of the washroom/shower buildings was closed for repair which meant that the second building was more crowded than normal. The beach and jetty though were wonderful to visit and the birds were out in number as were the fishermen on the jetty.

A fellow on the jetty was netting some bait fish and the local heron was waiting for his share.

Little Blue Heron (Egretta caerulea)

Meanwhile, a Northern loon (winter plumage) and a Brown Pelican were doing quite well fending for themselves in the water beside the jetty.

Although there were a few people out walking along the beach, sun bathing was on hold for another day due to the lower than normal temperatures but it was nice to see a bit of sunshine again.




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