Blowing Rocks Preserve, Hobe Sound, Florida

As we headed south along South Beach Road (County Road 701), we took a rest at Blowing Rocks Preserve which is managed by The Nature Conservancy. What makes this section of the beach somewhat unique is that the shoreline is actually rocky unlike most of the Florida shoreline. At this point, an outcropping of Anastasia Limestone provides variety for the beach walker.  At high tide, with a good wind blowing the waves in hard against this rocky shoreline, plumes of saltwater are thrust skyward for a great display.  Today, there were no serious waves and no high wind so no big dynamic sprays, but an interesting diversion nonetheless.

The preserve also protects nesting areas of some species of sea turtles and mangroves and a variety of other plants.

Now off to the southern end of the island, across the bridge and northward along #1 to the mainland portion of the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge.




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