African Safari – Update # 7 on Posting Progress

African Safari – Update # 7 on Posting Progress
Today’s postings get us to the half-way point of the Serengeti portion of our travels in East Africa.  The following posts are new, revised or have had numerous photos added to them.
Finally a leopard
Serengeti – Morning Drive part two
Serengeti – Morning Drive part one – Cheetah
Serengeti – Morning Drive – Getting going
Serengeti – Moths
Serengeti – Hyenas

African Safari _ Update #6 on posting progress
Now beginning to work on the Serengeti portion of our African Safari. The following are new, revised or have had photos added to them.
Serengeti Leftovers – Diggin’ Right In
Serengeti Lions
Oldupai Gorge to Serengeti
Ngorogoro Crater to Oldupai Gorge
Lake Manyara to Ngorogoro Crater
A Visit to an Orphanage

African Safari – Update #5 – Now working on the Tanzanian portion of our safari. The following are new, revised or had photos added to them.
More Manyara birds
Mostly Manyara birds
Lake Manyara National Park
Lake Manyara NP – Background information
Arusha to Lake Manyara
Arusha, Tanzania – Out for a stroll
Arusha – Background information
Nairobi, Kenya to Arushna, Tanzania

In addition to the above, Graeme has added his “attack of the monkeys” video to the following post:
Lake Nakuru

African Safari – Update #4 on Posting Progress

The following posts more or less complete the portion of the posting for the Kenyan section of our trip. Graeme will be making some additions and amendments when his time permits. He has more movie clips to add once he has had time to do the necessary editing. I will be moving on to uploading photos from the Tanzanian segment of our African adventure.

Back to Nairobi
The wait
Good Bye to the Mara
Last morning on the Mara
Evening safari
Driving the Mara video with a commercial
The big sale
R&R at the lodge
A Bit of Soccer
African Safari – Update #3 on Posting Progress
The following additional entries have now been added, revised or had supplemental photos added to them.

A restful afternoon
Breakfast with the Vultures
The Vantelope phenomenon
The Masai River
Lunch on a blanket
Early morning – lions and leopards
Masai Mara – First drive
From Gate to Lodge
Masai Mara – Background info
African Safari – Update #2 on Posting Progress
The following entries relating to our African safari have now been added, revised or supplemented with photos.

October 27th – Narok to Masai Mara Nature Reserve
October 27th – Lake Naivasha to Narok, Kenya
October 27th – Elsamere in the morning
October 26th – Lake Naivasha and Elsamere
October 26th – Boat Trip – Lake Naivasha
October 26th – Morning Game Drive – Lake Nakuru
African Safari – Update #1 on Posting Progress
Still weary from travel but have been able to revise and add photos to the following blog entries since returning to Ottawa on Sunday:
Nakuru Lake National Park – October 26th – rise and shine
October 25th evening game drive
Getting to our accommodation
Monkeying Around
The Great Rift Valley
Nairobi to the Great Rift Valley
Amsterdam Airport
October 23rd, Ottawa to Montreal

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4 Responses to African Safari – Update # 7 on Posting Progress

  1. Rich says:

    Hey Ron, I checked back in. I had inquired to DKTL back last summer & you mentioned on the gap forums of your october trip.

    Looks stunning! I really appreciated reading your blog. Great photos!

    My wife and I are going this september to october.

    Did you find the time of year you went desirable?
    As for accommodations were you satisfied in the places that Gap offered during your trip? We struggled with this knowing that Africas standards are not Canadian. So we had debated just doing the Tent safari on the same path. It appears in the couple shots from your hotels that they were of good quality?

    Noticed the bit about the Tanzania Visas. So are any Visas required “prior” to entry? Or should we get everything there?
    Any tips would be appreciated!


    Rich & Anya from Red Deer Alberta

    • Graeme says:

      Graeme here, the accommodations were excellent and far exceeded our expectations.
      – the city hotels were nice, similar too an average hotel in Canada
      – the hotels out at the park were terrific, and the food was excellent too (except for the packed lunches)

      We had no weather issues but we were cutting it close to the mild rainy season, so it could of been wet.

      You can get the visa at entry, others in our group did this.

  2. Ingrid says:

    Ron & Graeme,
    I am considering the same trip in late December and am wondering if you would have changed anything about your trip? Time of year, countries, etc…. DKTL is pretty expensive when you factor in the airfare and want to make sure that I don’t end up having “buyer’s remorse”. For example, it seems like catching the migration would be a great experience if you can time it right. There were some great photos from your trip, but I couldn’t tell from the commentary if you were wowed by the trip itself and with GAP 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

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