African Safari – Serengeti – Getting Going Again

African Safari – Serengeti – Getting Going Again

I thought that I might like to get the “Sunrise over the Serengeti” shot this AM but I guess ten days of safari was beginning to wear me down and the sunrise got to the lookout platform before I did. Did get to see a couple of balloons passing by in the distance though so all was not lost.

The rocky surroundings at the lodge harboured a healthy population of Rock Hyrax and by the time that I had finished photographing the balloons, the Hyrax were all coming out to their favoured sunning spots on the rocks.

Rock Hyrax

While the Rock Hyrax prefer the rocky environment, the Dwarf Mongoose prefer to spend their nights in abandoned termite mounds. Come morning, they also were up and about foraging fro fresh insects to munch on.

Dwarf Mongoose

Our morning drive in the Serengeti was a bit slow off the mark this morning but we did get going and passed the balloon folks as we headed out. Their ride was just finishing and our ride was just beginning anew.

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