Pink Lake, Gatineau Hills, Gatineau, Quebec

Pink Lake, Gatineau Hills, Gatineau, Quebec

Once I had had enough of the heat and humidity of the Butterfly show at the Carleton University Greenhouses Carleton butterflies Day one , I got a bit of fresh air in the Gatineau Hills. At this time of the year. the roads through the Gatineau Hills are packed with traffic as everyone enjoys the Fall colours and the last bit of warm weather before beginning to hunker down for the first days of winter. Today was no exception. Roads were packed. Parking was at a premium.

I tend to like to wander the trails at my own pace stopping to set up for a shot and then moving on.

This was no day for peace and tranquility on the trails, especially the popular trails and lookout points around Pink Lake although that didn’t stop me from clicking the shutter a few times.

Pink Lake isn’t actually pink. The waters are actually green when the light is right.

There were certainly plenty of things to see and people to greet in the parking lots and on the trails. I was happy to see some of my badminton friends on this beautiful Fall day.

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