Butterflies Day 5, Carleton University Butterfly Show, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

Butterflies Day 5, Carleton University Butterfly Show, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

I decided to hang out with the butterflies again today. It was raining outside so what better reason to find somewhere dry to take the camera. Lots of people, both large and small, so felt a bit like the weekend crowd. By my count (remember, I’m biased), Nikon outnumbered Canon. One Sony Alpha was being worked hard, too.

The wings of moths and butterflies are covered in scales in overlapping rows. The scales of butterflies are quite smooth while the scales of moths are a bit rougher or less uniform. Butterfly colours change as they age because, as they fly and bang about in the bushes and among the flowers, some of the scales will be rubbed off of their wings. Another factor that might affect the intensity of the colour of the butterfly at any given time is the direction that the sun is striking the scales and reflecting back off of the scales. This adds to the flickering appearance of some butterflies when they are in flight. This photo, taken with flash, shows the effect of the angle of light intensifying the blue coloration on a newly emerged butterfly.

The outside.

The inside.

Whenever it got too crowded around me or there was a lull in the butterfly opportunities, I just looked around and found something else interesting to photograph, like another hibiscus variety or a colored tuft of Nina’s hair 🙂

Thanks Nina.

Emerald Swallowtail: This is another example of one of those butterflies that appears almost fluorescent in the right light but looked a bit more subdued today with the flat light of the overcast skies overhead.

Perhaps, because I was there in the afternoon instead of the morning, it appeared to me that more species were coming down to partake of a little sip of fresh orange juice this afternoon than during my previous morning visits. Even the Blue Morph made an appearance or two and got in some low-level flying practice to the delight of those lucky enough to be in the greenhouse at the time.

Two other butterflies that were today and getting a lot of attention. They came into view at about the exact moment that I decided that my parking meter had run out. Therefore, took quick shots to remind me that I guess a return visit might have to be arranged :-).

Well with the rain still coming down and my meter out of money, I reluctantly had to stop shooting and head for the car. How would I explain to the meter guy that I was late getting back to my car because I had to stop for one last shot.

Okay two last shots :-)..

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