Bayou Segnette State Park, New Orleans, Louisiana

Bayou Segnette State Park, New Orleans, Louisiana

One of those small parks that are easy to get to if you know the way :-). It also helps if the bridge isn’t under construction! On this particular day, I got stuck in traffic and got to sit next to an operational pile driver for what seemed like forever. It gave me a chance to photograph some of the activity on the Mississippi River but I would have been happier with a little less noise.

I eventually got to the park before dark :-).  The Bayou Segnette State Park offers camping, a picnic area, boat launch facilities and a significant area of open parkland.  The Corps of Engineers were doing some levy work and access to that area was restricted to my walk along the waterways had to be shortened. I saw a number of birds while I was at the park including an immature bald eagle but none were really close enough to photograph well. It was still fairly early in the season but some flowers were beginning to add colour to the landscape.

I walked along the waterway until I reached the No Access point and then turned back to sit for awhile beside the waterway and just observe what was going by. I was rather hoping that I might see an alligator or two but the fellow who was fishing from the dock area told me that it was still a bit cool for the Alligators to come out to this location.

I had hoped to see a few dragonflies and the Eastern Pondhawks were at the park but difficult to photograph due to the relatively strong breeze that was blowing at the time.  One pond plant was playing host to a gathering of damselflies.

Later in the day, I drove around looking for other things to photograph and a couple of Black Vultures and a Crow were kind enough to stick around for  long enough for me to get a shot.

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