Bayou Sauvage – New Orleans, Louisiana

Bayou Sauvage – New Orleans, Louisiana

While I was visiting City Park in New Orleans, I dropped in to listen to one of the lectures.  As it would happen, the topic was the geological formation of ridges and bayous along the banks of the Mississippi River.  It was a very interesting discussion especially since I had already planned on traveling out of town to Bayou Sauvage later in the day and the lecture focused on Bayou Sauvage.

I had been to Bayou Sauvage on a previous visit to New Orleans, but on this particular occasion, I decided to walk one of the boardwalks maintained by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Bayou Sauvage supports a number of different types of plants and along the ridges it supports various wooded areas. After walking around the boardwalk we followed a ridge that led further out into the marsh.

While we walked along the trails numerous birds flew over the marshland including Egrets, Herons, Mockingbirds, Cormorants, Turkey Vultures and even a Bald Eagle.


The marshland supported a number of other creatures form the size of the Anole that scurried over the downed logs to the Alligators that cruised along the ditch.



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