Wakefield, Quebec – Flickr Ottawa outing

Spring's A'Comin'

Wakefield, Quebec – Flickr Ottawa Outing

Nice day today. Great day actually. Early Spring. Sun shining. Snow melting. +15C. Can’t think of any good reason not to join up with a group of photographers and wander around the back roads near Wakefield, Quebec with cameras in hand and no one in a rush to go anywhere in particular.

Arrangements were made for a rendezvous in The Market area and aside from the ticket meter patrol guy giving me a bit of a problem because I was sitting in my car in a metered spot without money in the meter everything started out well. Other members of the group came to my rescue 🙂 and convinced the chap that I was just leaving and didn’t deserve a ticket (didn’t get one – thanks).

First stop was to make sure that that all the cars in our entourage were accounted for. Also a good time to stop for the group photo.
Flickr Wakefield outing - March 16, 2010 - Unabridged

Our first photographic destination was a side road in the Gatineau Hills where we stopped to photograph a farm house, a covered bridge, a lone tree and a few other related bits of scenery.

Shirt sleeve weather in March. WOW!

An action shot LOL. The coveted covered bridge Alone on a hill - Contemplation Mode Framing the shot. I think she got it!

When you are out with a group of photographers, everyone has their own idea of what will make the next great photograph. No angle is overlooked whether high or low.

My first post. Just a little waterfall! The SHADOW knows. Sign Language Just laying there waiting for someone to pick it up ;-)

I really enjoy going out with groups of photographers but one problem with going out with a group is the difficulty one might have escaping photo radar :-).
Photo Radar

Next stop was Wakefield, Quebec where we sat by the side of the Gatineau River, ate our sandwiches and discussed the future of photography, the role of (or need for) movie capacity in a DSLR, the price of memory cards and other exciting topics (all photography related of, course, so completely boring topics for anyone else). Then it was off to visit the long covered bridge that we could see in the distance.
Just waiting for us.
Covered Bridge - Wakefield, Quebec Inside the Wakefield Covered Bridge - Wakefield, Quebec.
Clouds are coming.

We didn’t lose anyone into the water passing beneath this covered bridge so gathered everyone up and headed for our next stop, the old mill.

The Mill - Wakefield, Quebec

Being a bit adventurous, I climbed down closer to the falls to see if I could get some good shots of the rainbow. As I descended over some slippery rocks, one eye got all blurry. For a moment, I was really concerned. Didn’t know what was going on! What had happened! Didn’t take me too long to realize that one of the lenses had fallen out of my glasses. Looked around and finally saw it resting on a bit of ice outcrop right next to the base of the falls. It didn’t fall in and I didn’t fall in and I successfully retrieved it but a few moments were tricky as I slid slowly down to the waters edge :-(. Some of my fellow photographers, being the good photographers that they are, watched my moves, waiting, waiting for that one great action shot of me splashing into the water. I disappointed them! Sorry about that :-).
The elusive rainbow

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