European Inspiration – Tower of London

Tower of London

The stuff of english stories of claims to power in the English Royalty, the tower of london and the unforgettable white tower (shown above). I couldn’t pass this hot ticket item up while in town – in fact I would say that this attraction represented by far the best dollar for value in the city. After the outer gate we are met by a Beefeater for the free Yeoman’s tour.

On the Yeoman’s Tour we are treated to some rather dark humour about the history of the tower of london while we are guided through some of the various buildings inside the castle.

We were allowed to wander through many of the buildings and towers of the castle. This one is a dungeon, for Torture! (we were exuberantly told by our Beefeater guide – what a character!).

Another room in the castle which housed royalty awaiting execution…

Also on site was a retelling of the trail of Anne Boleyn.

The method acting was superb and the actors themselves were happy to talk about the trial and answer any (period) questions about the castle.

I also couldn’t resist this shot – off with her head!

The Trial…

Not to give anything away but… she lost.

I also Checked out the Heavily Guarded Crown Jewels (No Photography Allowed) and inside the White Castle there is a special exhibit of King Henry the 8th (the famous one) armour.

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