Day 0 – European Inspiration – London Cabs and European Cars

Day 0 – European Inspiration – London Taxis and Big Cars

Although I didn’t take a London cab during this visit to London, there were a lot of them, and what stood out was all the colourful advertisements painted on the side, enough so that I took a few pictures.

Okay, maybe a bit more that just a “few” pictures…

Also while walking along Oxford Street from the Sherlock Holmes Museum, I saw the biggest Fiat ever, considering that Fiats are small cars I had to get a closer look.

Finally Made it to Hyde’s Park on the North side to see the Arc. It was a bit of a disappointment that someone had parked right in front of it, not cool for all the tourists trying to take a picture (I was not the only one).

A couple steps to the side and I recovered a nice picture of the Arc. Thank goodness I brought the wide angle lens (Nikon’s Nikkor 12-24mm f4).

Also if you didn’t know you were in Europe, you do now…

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