Caravaning in Scotland

A Touch of Scottish Yellow - Benderlach, Scotland

Caravaning in Scotland

Jim had planned for us to head north in his truck hauling his caravan to a caravan park north of Oban, Scotland.  He felt that he could handle the preparations quite well without me :-), so, while he was getting things ready for the trip, I had a few hours to travel to Eglinton Country Park near Irvine, Scotland to meet up with another photographer, Stevie Manson to photograph the flora and fauna of the area. Some of the birds that Stevie had hoped to show me didn’t materialize and it was a bit breezy for insects but we did manage to have some fun shooting what we found.
Stevie and his damselfly technique The bugs forced him to his knees Scottish Damselfly in Eglington Country Park, Irvine, Scotland Just One More Finger To Climb

Besides the bugs and birds and beetles, Stevie also want me to see the remnants of the once important “Eglinton Castle” which had fallen into ruins in the early years of the 20th century. Prior to the grounds being opened to the public, the unstable sections of the castle were knocked down and only one tower left standing.
Remains of Eglington Castle - Eglinton Country Park, Irvine, Scotland Remains of Eglington Castle - Eglinton Country Park, Irvine, Scotland Remains of Eglinton Castle - Eglinton Country Park, Irvine, Scotland

Following this wonderful visit in Eglinton County Park, I headed back to Stewarton where Jim and his vehicle and caravan were hooked up and ready to head out in the direction of Oban, Scotland. I volunteered to drive 🙂 but Jim thought better of that. After many miles of driving at Scottish highway speeds :-), we successfully arrived at a caravan park at Benderloch, Scotland. The late twilight, the sea air and the lovely sunsets that came at about 10PM at this time of the year were wonderfully relaxing.
Caravan park near Benderloch, Scotland The Last Post Dusk comes about 10PM in Scotland in June.

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