Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Waterfront

Boston, Massachusetts

Couldn’t get a reasonable connection from Ottawa to New Orleans so I phoned around and found out that I could fly out of Boston at reasonable rates so my wife and I hopped in the car, visited a few relatives along the way and ended up in Boston for a day before continuing on to New Orleans. We decided to take a tour of Boston by horse and carriage. An interesting experience. Haven’t done that before. A bit cool in among the shadows of the buildings but a comfortable ride overall. Driver very informative. Photographically, I never realized how many small bumps those carriage wheels could find. Gave image stabilization a good workout.

Boston by Horse and Carriage
Boston Architecture

Boston Reflections

Fisheye magic - Boston MA

Steet Cleaning - Precision in Boston Street Cleaning Precision – Only in Boston. Anywhere else in the world might consider starting their street cleaning activities at 2AM but no so in Boston!!!

A good drink of water even on a cool day.  Carriage ride - Boston, March 2009

Horse and Carriage ride - Boston, March 2009

Portrait of a working Horse - Boston, March 2009




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