Annie and the Hedonists, ADK LOJ, Adirondack Mountains, New York State, USA

Annie and the Hedonists, ADK LOJ, Adirondack Mountains, New York State, USA

The group “Annie and the Hedonists” had been invited performers at an ADK event the night before but decided to put on an impromptu performance on the Sunday evening. Definitely a fun group of entertainers. For more information about the group please visit their website at:

Annie and Jonny Rosen – Annie does the singing while Jonny gets to strum and smile 🙂

Steve and Betsy Fry – Steve is the one with the MANdolin :-).

Steve Fry a.k.a. “The Resonator” – sorry Steve, had to think of a better caption than just “Steve tuning”.

Only one of the LOJ guests was brave enough to move to the front and join in. She did really well too singing along with Annie and the Hedonists! Her friends loved the performance. Nerves being what they are, it might have felt like four hours but the song only lasted for minutes. An inside joke folks – no explanation will be provided!. You had to be at the LOJ both Sunday and Monday to really try to understand this audience :-).

Photo info: Climbed up onto a chair with my 10.5mm fish-eye and used the on-camera flash for some shots. Tried a few hand-held without flash but very limited light meant that shutter speed was far too slow for hand-hand without noticeable blurring.

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