Hawk Owl visits Nepean, Ontario

Focusing on an Owl. Another lens to wish for :-)

Hawk Owl visits Nepean, Ontario

Whenever I see someone standing knee deep in snow pointing a big telephoto lens up into the sky, I assume that I should stop and take a look.

I was wearing a blue jacket and beige pants. The person in the photo is not me! Would like to have the lens though!!! 🙂 This day, I had my D200, Gitzo tripod, RRS head and a Nikon 300mm with 1.7x extender as my weapons of choice. Nowhere near as impressive as this big gun!

Recent snow storms brought a few winter birds into the Ottawa area. The one getting the most attention is a Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula), a diurnal owl that perches, shrike-like atop tall trees. Temperature outside was about -14C with a cool breeze blowing that made it feel like -20C or cooler. The owl didn’t seem to mind those temperatures.

Northern Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula)

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