Rondeau Provincial Park

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Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario

Marsh trail observation tower - Rondeau Provincial Park

Having fun with the fish-eye again. I took this shot from the Marsh trail observation tower at Rondeau Provincial Park looking back towards the main trail.

The main Marsh Trail goes through the woods paralleling the marsh. About 2km from this point the trail passes through the centre of a significant portion of the marsh. Round trip about 15 km or so. At the start of the hike, the distance from shoreline to tower was quite short. By the time that I passed it again after about 10-15 kms of hiking and photographing, the walk out to the tower seemed at least as long as the fish-eye portrays :-).

Sparrow - Rondeau Provincial Park

Black and Yellow Caterpillar - Rondeau Provincial Park

Question Mark Butterfly:
Question Mark Butterfly - Rondeau Provincial Park

Northern Leopard Frogs:
Apparently word travels fast and these two croakers had already heard about the success and notoriety of the Mud Lake Synchronized Diving Team and the Mud Lake Synchronized Swimming Team and wanted my support for the role of Rondeau Synchronized Jumping team :-). Their ability to leap great heights to catch stable flies was their ace in the hole. I signed them up immediately.
Rondeau Synchronized Jumping Team

Virginia Creeper

Life's such a beach

Benched on a beach

One Manager, Two Workers: As I was passing the park office on my way out of the Park reasonably early in the morning, I noticed this clean-up crew going over the area and picking up any acorns that the squirrels might have overlooked.
One manager, two workers.

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