Las Vegas, Nevada – No Charge Upgrades

Las Vegas, Nevada – No Charge upgrades – first the car and then the room!

The plan was a simple one. I would catch a flight to Toronto, meet up with Andre, get back on the plane and fly to Las Vegas. Tried to make arrangements directly with Air Canada, Westjet, and NWA. Westjet came through with flying colours and everything worked out the way it should. It was pouring rain in Toronto but nice and clear when we arrived late at tonight in Las Vegas.

Then the plan gained a few wrinkles. I picked up my luggage, headed over to the car rental place and then realized that I had left my passport on the seat of the plane that was now on its way back to Toronto. A bit of panic, a lot of phone calls and Westjet confirmed that I had indeed left my passport on the plane and not to worry, it would be waiting for me when I got back to Toronto. Next step – the car rental. “Sorry sir, no more sub compact cars. However, we’ll give you a no-charge upgrade to a 4 wheel drive SUV if that is okay with you.” “Sure.” I says. After all, who am I to argue over an upgrade as the clock approached 1AM so off to the hotel I went driving a nice SUV?

The package that I had arranged through Westjet was one of those fly with us, stay three nights in a sponsored hotel, etc. and get a great package price, so I had arranged to stay the first two nights of our trip in Las Vegas and the last night in Las Vegas to qualify for the three night deal. So I walk up to the hotel counter at now close to 2AM, look rather a bit unshaven and rumpled and get asked if I would like a no-charge upgrade to a nicer room. “Sure.” I says. After all, who am I to argue over a no charge upgrade at 2AM!

Our upgrade:

The entrance.

The living room and dining area (in addition to the bar and kitchen nook!).

The master bedroom (a second bedroom with its own ensuite was at the other end of the suite).

The ensuite bathroom with vanity, tub and separate walk-in shower in one room and large walk-in closet attached and the toilet, bidet, etc. in a separate room off to the right.

And the view wasn’t too shabby either even though I did have problems with reflections off of the large picture windows!

Playing with the fish-eye again.

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