Ottawa to Vancouver on Westjet

Ottawa to Vancouver on Westjet

Today was a traveling day as I and my father headed to Vancouver to visit with my brother. As we left Ottawa we flew over Britannia Beach area of the Ottawa River and then over Kanata, Ontario where I live.  It was nice to follow this flight path with good visibility.

We had broken cloud cover as we flew over the Rockies and we could see where snowfall had already occured to start off the winter months in the mountains.

I’ve flow in into Vancouver a number of times but I am still surprised to see the offshore islands as the pilot begins to circle and line up with the runway.

Soon we were on the final approach to the very wet runway, and it wasn’t long before we were safely back on terra firma.

My brother was there to greet us and then we got the luggage and headed to “Mr. Pickwick’s” restaurant where the waitress (Janessa) gave my father a bit hug and welcomed him to Vancouver. Despite the long flight, he was feeling better already!.

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