Ragged Falls, Algonquin Park, Ontario (OPC Outing) – September 2007

Ragged Falls, Algonquin Park, Ontario (OPC Outing)

Ragged Falls was one of many scenic points of interest that I traveled to see with a group of photographers from the Ontario Photo Collective (OPC). The Falls are located just off Highway 60 between the western edge of Algonquin park and Huntsville, Ontario. Getting to the Falls from the parking lot is pretty easy. Finding the right angle for a good photographic image is a bit more difficult especially getting a shot from below the falls.

The water cascades down through a tight seam in the rocks of the Canadian Shield and then tumbles over and around a boulder field before reaching a pond at its base of the rock field before heading n down the river. When water flows are sufficient, it is a pretty falls and a nice place for a short walk on the way to Algonquin Park from the Toronto area.

I don’t know who Jen is but apparently someone wanted to marry her 🙂




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  1. Randy Mitson says:

    Sorry I don’t know who Jen is either but I did marry my wife at Ragged Falls back in April of 2010.

    Here’s a scan of the article that was featured in the local Huntsville Forester.

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