The Old Cemetery, Ballymaguigan, Northern Ireland

The Old Cemetery, Balymaguigan, Northern Ireland

We were travelling around the Ballymaguigan area of Northern Ireland looking for information about my grandfather who was born in the area of Derrygarve Road near Ballymaguigan.

According to the member’s card above that I found among my mother’s box of keepsakes, my grandmother, who was born in Scotland, somehow ended up in Castledawson where I must assume she met my grandfather. Other than that assumption, past history becomes a bit sketchy. Didn’t find anything new or outstanding about my grandparents during our visit but did visit quite a few churchyards and photograph quite a few tombstones.

One interesting graveyard was identified simply as the Old Cemetery but was interesting from a genealogical point of view for a few Canadian families who have contacted me since my return to Canada. This blog entry simply provides a series of images of many of the tombstones found in that graveyard when I was there August 8, 2007. Where the inscriptions can be read, I have included the names as tags hoping that they might be of some value as searchable entries. No attempt has been made to sort the tombstones in any particular fashion.

Gate to the Old Cemetery

James Pickering, Mary Anne Pickering

David James Walker, William Walker

James O’Neill

George Lennox, Mary Jane Lennox, Robert Earnest Lennox, Annie E. Lennox, Winnie Lennox, Alexander Lennox,  George Alexander Lennox

John Lennox, Matilda Lennox

Elizabeth Lennox, Andrew Lennox

John Wood, Marchand

James Woods, Nancy Woods, Robert Woods, Ann Woods

James Hudson, John Hudson, Martha Hudson

Henry Hudson, James Hudson, Margaret Hudson, Henry J. Hudson, Minnie Hudson, Samuel Hudson, Harry Hudson, Gretta Hudson,

Robert Hudson,  James Hudson, Margaret Hudson, Rachel Hudson, Robert Hudson, Eliza Hudson

William Derby Jr., Rachel Derby

Jared Derby, Lisnamorron, Johnathan Simpson, Andrew Lennox, William James, Sarah Derby,

Sarah Derby, Thomas Derby, John Derby

Elizabeth Derby, William John Derby,

Garrett Derby, Elizabeth Derby,

John and Jan P.

Sarah Mc Cleery

Hugh McCleery, Ann McCleery

Ellen Ferguson

John Ferguson, Annie Finnigan,




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  1. Ron I believe you took a photo of a Marks headstone at Ballymaguigan, I believe it may be an ancestor of mine, any chance of sending me a copy?

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