Northern Ireland, Marble Arch Caves

Marble Arch Caves

Northern Ireland, Marble Arch Caves

Located near Enniskillen in NI, the Marble Arch Caves have been selected as a European Geopark site.

The Marble Arch: Carved by waters over many years, this rock formation, “The Marble Arch”, is near the entrance to the Marble Arch Caves (Location)
The Marble Arch

Heading down into the Marble Arch Caves complex.
Heading down into the Marble Arch Caves complex

Our guide assured us that rumours of spirits residing in the caves were totally unproven.
Spirits of the Caves

A fast flowing underwater stream flows through the Marble Arch Caves.
Underwater River

The erosion and deposition calcium gives an interesting texture and variety to the walls of the caves.
Cave variety

The upper stalactites in this location reminded me of the fangs of a snake.
Stalactite (fangs)


Each group had a guide to ensure that everyone who went down into the caves came back out okay.
Our Guide

Stately tree on walking path near Marble Arch Caves. Ivy and moss and trees and grass and just about everything in Northern Ireland was green.
Northern Ireland is Green




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