Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia

Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia

This particular morning, my brother decided that catching the water ferry over to Granville Island for brunch would be a good idea. The ferry arrived and off we went on another adventure.

As we were sitting watching the world unfold, this little girl all dressed in her newest pink came along to feed the flocks of pigeons.

When the pigeons were scrambling to get the seed that the little girl was scattering, I guess that one of the pigeons had injured a wing. Not surpriisng, given how tightly they were packed.

What happened next was a complete surprise to me! I never realized how cannibalistic or opportunistic Herring Gulls were or could be. The next thing that I knew, Herring Gulls swept in for the kill. Not the most pleasant thing to watch while we were eating our brunch, but there, right before our eyes, the struggling pigeon became breakfast for the gulls.

Having observed first hand that “Nature can be cruel” or “Nature can be kind” depending on one’s philosophical point of view, we finished our breakfast and wandered around Granville Island for a bit. The temperature wasn’t too bad but definitely a bit damp for my liking, so it wasn’t long before we headed back to shore.

The Yellow Boots of Granville Island

Granville Island Totem

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