Bald Eagles, Brackendale, British Columbia

Snowy Mountain Peak

Bald Eagles, Brackendale, British Columbia

Just one of many dramatic views of snow covered peaks along the Sea-to-Sky Highway between Squamish and Whistler, B.C.

As my brother and I drove along the highway toward Whistler, British Columbia, I was anticipating our stop at Brackendale, B.C. since I had heard of the large numbers of Bald Eagles that gather there every year to feed on the salmon that had completed their famous spawning run. The number of salmon both living and dead is quite significant in this portion of the river.

When we got to Brackendale, we saw plenty of Bald Eagles but most were on the opposite side of the river and a bit out of range for the equipment that I had with me (max 300mm) so we headed further upstream hoping for some closer opportunities. There were Eagles in the air, in the trees, perching on stumps, just about eagles everywhere. The scenery was fabulous.

Although the eagles are the drawing card, thee is plenty of other things to photograph while waiting for an eagle to fly closer.

And, yes, there were eagles.

Of course, if you are driving you have to pay attention to the road once in awhile.

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