Wakefield, Quebec and the Gatineau Hills

Every so often, when the sky is blue and the clouds are passing quickly overhead, I get an urge to hop in the car, travel across the Ottawa River, and spend some time wandering around the Gatineau Hills and along the shores of the Gatineau River. I usually end up at the Covered Bridge a bit upstream form Wakefield town center. This day was one such day.

Lac St. Pierre

Tent Caterpillars

Ruisseau St-Denis

One of the beaches at Meech Lake

Hay Rake

Wakefield Covered Bridge across the Gatineau River

Bridge Information: The Wakefield Covered Bridge was built in 1998 after a fire had destroyed the original Gendron Covered Bridge which had been at this site since 1915.  The construction of the replacement bridge was a community project utilizing 600 Douglas Fir boom logs salvaged from the Gatineau River when the logging practice of floating logs down the Gatineau River was discontinued. The bridge itself is 288 ft (87.8 m) long and 18 ft. (5.5m) wide and is 16 ft. (4.9m) above the normal river level.

I react to Poison Ivy so when I’m traveling on trails I have to always be watching that I don’t step in the stuff as I’m backing up to get the perfect shot. In a different language, the words might be different but the allergic reaction that I get is the same. This noxious weed knows no boundaries!

Another good day with no complications. Great to have nice weather.



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