“The Guild”, Guildwood Park, Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario


“The Guild”, Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario

I was visiting in Toronto and was able to schedule my visit to coincide with an outing with the Ontario Photo Collective (OPC) to a place that I would likely never have found on my own.

The Guild

Its called “The Guild”, the Guildwood Inn, the Guildwood Gardens, and Rosa and Spencer Clark’s collection. Whatever the name, it is a somewhat hidden gem of a place and a photographer’s heaven situated on the Scarborough Bluffs at the east end of Metropolitan Toronto. (Location) The main building itself was built in 1914 and has operated as a private home, as a public inn and then by Rosa and Spencer Clark as a place for artist to live, work and display their handicrafts. What makes the location unique is the collection of 70 or so architectural remnants reflecting the past architectural facades of Toronto. The Clarks would “collect” these architectural remnants from Toronto buildings that were about to be demolished and have them transported to the gardens behind the Guild Inn. The result is a truly unique set of architectural bits and pieces taht is a magnet for photographers.




Praying for a Canon Smile Sumac Shooting

The tree-shot Treepod abstract

This bride and groom were having their photos taken at the Guild grounds the same day that the OPC group were there. Of course, that meant that there were a significant number of “unofficial” OPC wedding photographers for awhile.

The Wedding Party

On outings of the OPC group, if you weren’t holding a camera, you got to hold the dog :-). Lending-a-hand

That hot chocolate certainly hit the spot when we gathered around a bit of food after beiing at the Guild for a few hours. What’s a good OPC outing without a bit of discussion?
– Toronto OPC outing at The Guild in Scarborough.


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