Coba, Mayan Ruins, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Coba, Mayan Ruins, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

For those visiting the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, the Mayan ruins at Chichen-Itza are likely the highest priority and certainly the most heavily visited by tourists. Unlike the Chichen-Itza site with its wide pathways and open grounds with local merchants lining the pathways, Coba is still the path less traveled with narrower pathways, a definite jungle feeling and only one location to buy souvenirs and that location is outside of the site.

Following the trails through the jungle, visitors arrive at a complex of two structures, one being L Iglesia and the other being Coba’s ballcourt. Coba’s ballcourt is much smaller than the ballcourt at Chichen Itza but appears to have the same hoop on the wall and a similar fascination with heads.

To move from the ballcourt to the courtyard of La Iglesia is simply a matter of climbing a few steps.

Unlike some of the restrictions in place at Chichen Itza, tourists were still able to explore the lower levels of the ruins of La Iglesia. Climbing even part way up soon gave one an appreciation for the size of these structures and the enormous amount of rock that needed to be moved by someone in order to have then here in the jungle.


Being able to go inside of these massive structures even though only superficially still left many a question unanswered. Why was the passageway in that location? What was its purpose?

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